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Partenon+ - Candid Club.

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Partenon Marketing Group

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Neides/Camilo Ekvall.

Owner of 2bucks-an-ad.com, partenon.com, candidclub.net, candidnetwork.com, powerofpartnership.com, ytib.biz, sfifriends.com

On-Line 9am - 10pm GMT-3

Please note that we are processing orders several times per day during weekdays but on weekends FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND SUNDAY EVENING ONLY! Please be patient! Note also that we are in timezone GMT -03.00.

Mailing address:
Rua Bruno Fritzke, 49
Pomerode S.C.
CEP: 89107-000 BRAZIL
+55-47-3395 1754

Best and fastest support is the form below.

We ALWAYS answer emails! If you are expecting email from us, and did not get it, it is almost sure that your mailserver use antispam filters. ISP/webhosts using spamfilters is a every day growing problem and if you are in this business you MUST ask your mailserver provider if they use antispam filters BEFORE you signup for service. So, if you are expecting email from us and did not get it, use the below form and another email!

Avoid common spam email, e.g. hotmail and yahoo, as your email then will land in our spam folder and might be overseen. Also, recently this form has been heavily spammed from gmail.com, hotmail.com, yahoo.com, live.com and mail.com. If you use one of those emails, make sure you use a real name and not something like fjhwkc@mail.com. Those emails are deleted directly on my mailserver.

Updated March 13, 2012.
All support requests from the above mailservers will be deleted without opened. Sorry, spam out of control from those mailservers. If you need support, please use another mailserver or hit reply without changing the subject line on emails from us. You can also email us using paa@partenon.com (you will need to type this email into your mail program) and use "support partenon" in the subject line.

I really am sorry for all these problems but beleive me, spam is out of control right now and I need to do something about it. I get more than 1000 spam per day and important emails are lost within all spam. And it really is a very big problem that the spammers found the forms. The contact forms WAS a secure way to contact, not anymore.

Click here for a list of email that is meaningless to use as you will not receive our reply.

Of course you should never use any kind of antispam software yourself either. TIPS HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR INCOMING EMAILS.

If you have questions regarding your '2Bucks' an Ad™ order, please consult Frequently Asked Questions.

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Spam issues.

We are strongly against any kind of spamming or sending unsolicited commercial email. However, the '2Bucks' an Ad reseller program is administered by ClickBank and we have no personal contact with any reseller. Anyone can sign-up as a ClickBank affiliate and promote any program listed in ClickBank directory just by including a code in the URL.

If you have received an email with '2Bucks' an Ad link, which you think is unsolicited, please use the above form to email us. Make sure you include the offending email and URL link. We will contact ClickBank. ClickBank remove abusers/spammers from their affiliate program.

Please be advised that it is a federal offense to falsely accuse an individual and/or company of sending unsolicited email. If you signed up from a website agreeing to receive email, it is NOT spam. You could face a penalty of $500 per hour for downtime plus legal fees if a webmaster or publisher is shut down because of false accusations.


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The Trademarks CAN NOT be used in any way without express written permission from the Trademark owner.

The Certificate of Trademark, presented February 22nd 2001, entitles the recipient to all the rights and privileges associated with the proof of the trademark "TM" symbol, and to full recognition of the name.
Issued by: Trademark Solutions LLC, 261 East Kroll Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85234, USA.
Notary Public Sheryl A. Loux, Gilbert, AZ, USA.

WARNING! Since the Trademark owner already have been victim of trademark violation and infringement of the trademark, the channels for a fast law process are open.

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