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2bucksanad - Issue 143 - October 29, 2008. Welcome to Brazil.

Issue 143 - October 29, 2008. Welcome to Brazil.
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1. Quote of the Week.
2. Greetings from Bo! -  Email problems.
3. This weeks visdom words by Wallace D. Wattles.
4. SFI Product Spotlight! High Energy.
5. Ask Lena. Health Questions and Answers. Erectile dysfunction.
6. This weeks joke! Competition.
7. '2Bucks' an Ad weekly updates.
8. Paid ads from our '2Bucks' an Ad customers.
9. Your Best Friend. How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner.
10 Subscribe to these fine ezines with interesting content.
11 Poetry by Charlotte Appleton. The Assent 15 of 22.
12 Partenon Webmaster Resources.
13 Yet another good joke! Cards ...
14 Paid ads from our '2Bucks' an Ad customers.
15 Computer Security Tip. A Fix for the XP SP3 Update.
16 Funny Quote of the Week.
17 Did you read this ezine?
18 Disclaimer - unsubscribe link.

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1. Quote of the Week


John Ruskin

"There is no wealth but life."




--- Work like you don't need the money! 

--- Love like you've never been hurt!

--- Dance like nobody's watching!


2. Hello Dear subscriber! [FIRSTNAME]


Greetings from Brazil! :-)

Temperature right now 10 P.M. October 29, 2008.

+ 20 Celsius. Still lot's of heavy rain and thunder storms.


Hope you all are having a great week!


"Give everyone more in use value than you take from him in cash value."
- Wallace D. Wattles

I woke up this morning! - All the rest is BONUS!

Take good care of YOUR day today!


Hey Folks.

I have many times in this column talked about how
important email is. In my opinion, the most important tool
we have to do business. No matter what business you are
in, if clients and prospects can't reach you, how can you
expect to make any money.

I can tell you that it does not pass one week that I do not
have problems with clients email. And those are people
who are paying for service and can't make sure they are
using an email without spamfilters. It's not always spamfilters,
of course. It's often email addresses typed manually and
therefore very easy to get wrong. And of course, people who
simply does not read their emails!

An easy and free solution. Use Gmail. For what I know they
do not use spamfilters. At least I get all ezines, with all
those ads and spam triggering words without any problem at all.
Important is of course to use different emails for important
messages and to e.g. post to safe lists etc. If not, you
important emails will drown in all that spam.



See the orchids and our construction development at:

Yours Truly
Bo Ekvall

Have a Wonderful Day!

Your comments are much welcome and responded to!

Please do not change the subject line as your email then
may land in my spamfolder and be overseen. I get some
700 spam email per day!


"A promise is a debt!"
- Alfonso Tank, Pomerode, Brazil.

(Except for politicians.)





Still for sale. We do have some offers but seeking to get a
better deal. So, it's still for sale.

If you want a beach house in the south of Brazil, now is the
right time to buy. Within a couple of years, prices here will
reach European nivels. Now it's still very cheap!

Lot's of photos at:

See here why we like Pomerode so much!


3. This weeks visdom words by Wallace D. Wattles.


"Do everything that you do in the firm conviction that
you you are an advancing personality and that you are
giving advancement to everybody. Feel that you are
getting rich and that in so doing you are making others
rich and conferring benefits to all. "


Wallace D. Wattles,
The Science of Getting Rich, Chapter 14

Read the whole book! Download free at:

Click on the "free book" link or on the book image to register
and get your gifts. Do it now. Reading the book throughout
will certainly make a great difference to your life!


Inspiring "Certain Way" articles by Rebecca Fine can be
found in the Article Library at my website:


4. SFI Product Spotlight!


High Energy. 


This formulation definitely will give you an energy boost
and give you a heightened sense of awareness. The
formulation is designed to improve circulation and
promote oxygen levels in the brain. Tablets contain
Siberian Ginseng, Kola Nut Extract, Lysine, Phenylalanine,
Glycine, and Cyanocobalamin.

90 tablets $15.97 


Order and more information:



Also a very good and honest business opportunity.

If you are in a doubtful business you will for sure change your
mind after reading Mr. Wattles book.

The only business I work with, since 2002, besides '2Bucks' an Ad
and my ezine, is SFI. They sell products that benefit people. And
they have done that since 1985, online since 1998.
People really are getting something valuable. As Mr. Wattles says,
"you must give more in use value than you take in cash value".

Take a look yourself.

One of the few Internet businesses you can join and work with
absolutely FREE. Join my winning team today and I will show
you how you also can be a WINNER!


To you health.
Bo Ekvall

5. Ask Lena. Health Questions and Answers.


My husband has a question but he is embarrassed to ask you
and I know you don't like to answer questions regarding
another's problem but could you make an exception this time?
Our marriage may depend on it as he is becoming depressed
because of this problem and I am worried about him.

He is 45 years old, has developed the inability to get an
erection or even desire sex and this is very hard on our
marriage as I feel he doesn't care, even though I know this
illogical because he assures me that's not the case. ....

Please help us if you can?

Thank you for allowing me to publish this Ada as I have had
three women ask similar questions in the last two weeks, but
the other two asked me not to publish their questions and I
will respect that.

Okay guys, why are your wives having to ask the question. It's
not like I haven't heard this hundreds of times in the doctor's
office in years past. It isn't something you should be ashamed
of either as it isn't something you have done to cause it nor
do you choose it!


Read the whole question Lena Sanchez' whole answer on this question at:


From that website you can also ask questions yourself.

Lena Sanchez a happy retired Medical Office Nurse, Administrator
and Health Consultant who took charge of her life in 1992, found
pain relief and kicked the prescription drugs. She is committed to
helping others do the same by answering health questions.
To learn more about her alternatives go to

Or to get a health evaluation


a product called Dust Off. This is a canister of compressed air
that is designed to clean dust from computers. The compressed air
uses a propellant gas that can be dangerous if it is inhaled because
the gas prevents oxygen from reaching the brain. This causes
dizziness and a feeling of being high, making it attractive to some
teens. How many brain cells die is unknown.  It's a very scary
thing, because it can also kill without warning.



6. This weeks joke!

Brought to you by Jokes Journal.
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A few years ago there were three men's clothes shops
in the same street. In fact they were next door to each other.

Each shop was naturally in competition with the others.

One day the owner of the first shop put up a notice which

Established 1870 - Only the Best Quality Clothes Sold Here.

The next day, the owner of the third shop put up a notice
which said:

Established 1970 - Latest Fashions.

A few weeks later the owner of the shop in the middle
put up a notice which said:

Main Entrance.



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9. Your Best Friend.

Brought to you by:

Dog Article courtesy of I-Love-Dogs at:


Copyright I-Love-Dogs.


How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner.

What does it mean to be a responsible dog owner? For starters,
it means getting a dog for the right reasons. Dogs are meant
to be our companions and to share our lives with us. The right
reasons to get a dog are to help him become all that he can be.
To properly feed and exercise him. To spend quality time
socializing and training him. But there are many wrong reasons
to get a dog. Some of these include as a means of protection
or to be a hobby breeder. When dogs are purchased as a means
of protection, most people think this means keeping them away
from other dogs and people to make them more protective.

By doing this, your dog is not getting the socialization that
he requires and as a result ends up fearful, aggressive, and


Read the whole interesting article and much more at:



Dog Article courtesy of I-Love-Dogs at:

Copyright I-Love-Dogs


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11. Poetry by Charlotte Appleton.


The Assent

A Sonnet Sequence

For Fernando Maza, painter

Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.
Without form there can be no emptiness,
Without emptiness there can be no form.
Heart Sutra, Buddhist Scripture

15 of 22. 16 in the next issue.)


Death does not frighten me since he has come
More often to my bedside in the past
Than others know of, I have walked him home
And kissed him on the lips. The icy blast
Of Titan's breath that takes all sense away
Has filled my lungs and stopped my mouth, where sight
Inverts and sees another night and day,
An emptiness filled up with solid light,
Another universe with other rules,
Whose substance is what seems most transient here,
The love and understanding we poor fools
Reject out of our ignorance and fear;
But if I die, with never having known
Your love, your touch, I truly die alone.


Poetry brought to you by Charlotte Appleton.

Read more at:


Charlotte Appleton says: "I was nearly born on a plane
to the longsuffering wife of the then military attaché
to Her Britannic Majesty's Embassy in Bucharest, Romania
during the Cold War, and grew up fat as a diplomat's brat."


12. Partenon Webmaster Resources.

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13. Yet another good joke! Enjoy!


Brought to you by Jokes Journal.
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Cards ...

On opening his new store, a man received a bouquet of flowers.

He became dismayed on reading the enclosed card, that it
expressed "Deepest Sympathy".

While puzzling over the message, his telephone rang.

It was the florist, apologizing for having sent the wrong card.

"Oh, it's alright." said the storekeeper. "I'm a businessman
and I understand how these things can happen."

"But," added the florist, "I accidentally sent your card to
a funeral party."

"Well, what did it say?" ask the storekeeper.

"Congratulations on your new location." was the reply.



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15. Computer Security Tip of the week.


Brought to you by Syd Tash at:


A Fix for the XP SP3 Update


Three weeks ago, security company Symantec issued a free
tool to repair computers that were damaged by that Windows
XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) update a few months ago. Users
running Norton software lost their Internet connection,
among other snafus. This affected both landline and wireless

Now Microsoft has also come up with a fix to solve these
problems. You can get it here. Read the support document
before applying the fix.

Symantec first blamed Microsoft entirely for the difficulties,
but later acknowledged it was partly responsible. Microsoft,
for its part, said “some antivirus applications” may have
caused the problems. The software giant then went on to
mention Symantec by name as one of the culprits.

Microsoft may have begun to serve up Windows XP SP3 via the
Windows Update Automatic Update feature. If you have not
installed SP3 yet, you might as well go ahead and do it. The
problems have largely been solved now – unless you have an
AMD processor.

In that case, do not install SP3; it will cause your computer
to reboot endlessly.

Microsoft appears to be blocking SP3 from PCs that have an
AMD processor anyway, and may do the same to systems that
have vulnerable antivirus software. If you do not get SP3 for
whatever reason, just continue to apply all patches as they
become available, and you should be OK.


(For links, please go to the below website!)


Syd Tash is a noted computer security consultant and author of
How to Protect Your Computer Online. He has been keeping Internet
surfers safe and secure since the last century. Find out how he
does it; protect your own computer with five layers of protection
right here:

= >


16. Funny Quote of the Day.


George Carlin

"The other night I ate at a real nice family restaurant.
Every table had an argument going."


17. Did you read this ezine?


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