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Ads to avoid if you want to make a successful advertising campaign!

If you run your ad in '2Bucks' an Ad™ or in Candid Club Safe List program you can always be sure that your ad will run as promised. However, once and a while I get emails from people who are disappointed about the result of their advertising campaign. When I then check their ads I can ALWAYS see why. People are NOT stupid and will NOT click on links in ads that promise:

The list can go on and on but I think you got the picture. Advertising an ad with the above lines or similar is a waste of time and money. Not mention how your reputation will be hurt! Compose an ad that makes people interested enough to click on your link and make sure that the link lead to a webpage with a serious opportunity. My best advice is. If you work with a program that use the above methods, quit before you through away time and money. Serious MLM programs, with excellent support, can be found at and selected promotion resources at Candid Club website. Click here and let me know and I will send the web URL to you.