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Thanks for your interest in '2Bucks' an Ad™ Reseller Program.

Extremely easy to join and pays 50% commission.

The commission are paid by ClickBank, a guarantee that you always will get paid. You can check your sales statistic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From your ClickBank account you can make your own settings how often your check will be sent and the amount of the check. You can use the same ClickBank "nickname" to promote any program associated with ClickBank. Both ClickBank and Partenon Affiliate programs are free to join and participate. We are seeking affiliates for '2Bucks' an Ad™, low cost advertising in multiple ezines.

Note that we work with ClickBank ONLY! When prospects are getting to '2Bucks' an Ad website you will NOT lose commissions due to other payment methods. The prospects has no other alternative to pay than ClickBank!

'2Bucks' an Ad™ Advertising Program.

How to make affiliate links to '2Bucks' an Ad™ and make 50% commission on sold ads.

If you are already a ClickBank member CLICK HERE to generate your affiliate links. Your browser will open a new window. Enlarge the window, follow the instructions and you will get back here when ready.

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'2Bucks' an Ad™ Ezine Advertising Program.
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Fraudulent actions are ALWAYS reported.

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