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Frequently Asked Questions.

Question 1. Why does not all publishers accept AOL, yahoo, hotmail and zwallet as ezine subscribe email?

Question 1B. Click here for a list of mailservers who does not care of it's clients.

Question 2. I am a ClickBank member. Do I get commisission when purchasing ads using the PayPal link?

Question 3. I just placed an order. Where and when can I see my ad?

Question 4. I did not get any notice from the ezine publishers. Will my ad run?

Question 5. What kind of ads will these be (top sponser, middle or solo)?

Question 6. What is the average click-through rate?

Question 7. Will the link to my website be clickable? Do they have to show the exact URL, or just simply a message like "Click Here"?

Question 8. Will I be able to format my ad in HTML?

Question 9. How large can my ad be?

Question 10. I have proof that people joining my program are making 10,000+ dollars per month. Why can't I say that in my ad?

Question 11. Do you guarantee hits or sales?

Question 12. When can I expect order confirmation?

Question 13. How long time will my ad run?

Question 14. Can I run ads with "adult" content?

Most important of all!!!
Check your ezine subscribe email, check it again and double-check again!!! If the ezine publishers get their email to you back undeliverable, they will NOT run your ad. Make sure that you or your mailserver does NOT use antispam filters! No "spamarrest". ALL ezine publishers use mailing list servers to send their ezines. Those mailing lists are not live persons. Nobody will see your email request to click on any confirm link. Consequently you will not be subscribed to the ezine and your ad will not run. Bad emails is a growing and very time consuming problem for us. This is genuine ezines, manually processed! Not auto-submit safe lists.

Answer 1.
Avoid AOL, Yahoo, zwallet and Hotmail as ezine subscribe email. Due to the spamfilters and high amount of undeliverable emails from those mailservers, some publishers might reject subscribers from AOL, Yahoo, zwallet and Hotmail.
'2Bucks' an Ad is NOT responsible if you use the above mailservers and your subscribe request are rejected. AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo has a link that make it possible for their users to report any email for spam. So please understand that some ezine publishers is not prepared to take that risk.
Check these tips how to organize your incoming email.

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Answer 1B.
Irresponsible mailservers are a big problem when they don't let legal emails reach you while I am sure you still will get all the viagra junk.
Here is a list of mailservers who filter out almost everything and you can not use those mail domains as either ezine subscribe email or as contact email. Of course you can not use another email and forward it to those domains either. If you use those email servers it's on your own risk! Note that if '2Bucks' admin can not reach you with order confirmation or if the ezine publishers are getting their emails to you bouncing back, there is NO REFUND! Our work is already done. Yes, in fact it's MORE work with clients using bad email. If you use any of the below mailservers you should seriously consider change ISP, or use another email service where you can be sure not being censured.

hotmail.com, can not be used in any kind of communication with me, simply because hotmail will not deliver my reply to you. Don't ask me why but it's a fact! I have tested several hotmail addresses. If you use hotmail as your only contact you will not even get order confirmation or my ezine.
AOL, filter out email that contain links/URL to websites "that get lot's of complaints from AOL users", as AOL explain. Are YOUR link on their list? That is the reason most ezine publishers does not accept AOL as ezine subscribe email. The ezines simply does not pass AOL filters. So no point having AOL subscribers.
excite.com, use a filtersystem that block a whole IP range if they get complaints. That means that if ONE person on a shared IP is reported, 1000's of the same shared IP may be blocked!
ispvip.biz, they don't even answer emails to their support.
tiscali.co.uk, service in many countries, big problems.
cgocable.ca, big ISP in Canada. Do not reply to support requests.
chartermi.net, hard filter all emails. Can't be used if you are doing on-line business.
prodigy.net, mostly time consuming bouncing problems.
runbox.com, use antispam filters. Can not be used for business.
outblaze.com/lycos.com, Hardfilter without customers knowledge.
sbcglobal.net, often lot's of problems reaching people.
charter.net, previous reliable mailserver. Recently (Dec. 2006) it has been more and more difficult to pass their spamfilters. Your own ad may trigger the filters. Use as ezine subscribe email on your own risk!
Updated August 30, 2008. Not even email without text in the body pass charter.net filters! Simply, DO NOT use charter.net as email if you want to get your emails!
hostdude.us, filter out certain URL's. Are YOUR URL on their list?
everyone.net , filter out certain URL's. Are YOUR URL on their list?

The below mailservers are working with habeas.com. To be SURE emails get through one must pay an expensive fee to habeas.com who then whitelist. Many ezine publishers will of course prefer not accept those emails as ezine subscribe email rather than paying to send email to them.

france telecom
Any mailserver hosted by godaddy.com

All the above email servers were listed as partners of habeas.com and that made it almost impossible to reach people with those email addresses. However, I am very pleased to see (November 2006) that all those email servers are gone in habeas updated member list. But you can never be sure. They may have a list hidden. I don't post the URL to habeas.com "partner" page here anymore (July 2007) because they change that page so often so every time I check it's not actual anymore.

You should know that I personally hate spam as much as you or those email servers. However, I have not yet seen any spamfilter doing a good work. They can not see the difference of legal email, e.g. my order confirmation to you, and a viagra spam. And as long that problem is not resolved you simply can not be on a mailserver using spamfilters if you want to sell anything on-line. I get some 700 spam per day but I prefer delete those spam one by one on my server rather than miss important emails. Once I tried to use a spamfilter but immediately had problems with my '2Bucks' clients getting their ad submissions to me.

So, if you are here to make money, forget about spamfilters. Accept that deleting spam is a part of your working day. It's among all that spam you will find orders, prospects and interesting people who won't find you if you are using spamfilters! Simply use your email programs rules for sorting emails and you will get the important emails in the right folders right away and then you can fast check through your own "spam" folder.

SUMMARY! In the end, the responsibility to get your emails is your own. It's really not any mystery. If you can't afford to get your own dedicated email server, make at least sure that the email server you sign up for don't use spam filters without your knowledge and if they give you a choice to use spam filters yourself, use common sense when use it, as you, if you are in the email business, NEED to get your emails.

My best tips for free mailserver, at least for now. Use gmail or yahoo BUT MAKE SURE YOUR SPAMFILTERS ARE TURNED OFF AND CHECK THE "SPAM FOLDERS"!


Note also that you can not use any kind of antispam program that requires me OR the ezine publishers to reply or click on a link to confirm our email addresses. ALL ezine publishers use mailing list servers to send their ezines. Those mailing lists are not live persons. Nobody will see your email request to click on any confirm link. Consequently you will not be subscribed to the ezine and your ad will not run. Not because the publishers does not want you as subscriber but simply they have never seen your subscription!

Check these tips how to organize your incoming email.

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Answer 2.
There is no PayPal links on the orderpage. We are working with ClickBank ONLY! ClickBank Exclusive! That to make sure that resellers do not lose commission when prospects coming from their links chose other payment altenatives.
However, through ClickBank you can pay both with e-check and use your PayPal account and affiliates still are paid their commissions. Note that it is perfectly legal to use your own ClickBank link to order and get commission on your own purchase. Earn 50% ClickBank commission selling the popular '2Bucks' an Ad. VERY easy to sell. CLICKBANK EXCLUSIVE is a guarantee that you are paid!

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Answer 3.
You will get an order confirmation with information. You will also get a welcome/confirmation email from MOST publishers of the ezines in the group(s) you ordered, to YOUR EZINE SUBSCRIBE EMAIL, with information when your ad will be published. Make sure your subscribe email don't bounce back to the publishers or is an autoresponder. Note that, depending on the subscribe system, all ezine publishers does not send confirmation email. WATCH OUT FOR THE EZINES AND YOUR AD! If you think there is any problem with your email, please contact us immediately using the email link from the contact information page.

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Answer 4.
All ezine publishers are selected and serious people who joined '2Bucks' an Ad to get new subscribers and hope to make future business with the advertisers.

How could they do that if they don't add you to their subscriber list? That's the whole point for them running an ezine.

The most common reasons not getting a confirmation and/or ezines are:

  • Your mailserver are using antispam filters.
  • You are using an antispam software with autoresponder.
  • Publishers welcome email bounced back. (Full mailbox etc.)
  • Your subscribe email is an autoresponder.
  • You are using a separate email or folder for subscribe email. Check it!
  • You are using the same email for ezine subscriptions and safelists.
  • You are getting too many emails to the same mailbox and missed the welcome email.
  • You did not confirm your subscription in case that is required.

If you get the ezines it does mean that you were added to their subscriber lists but you did not get the welcome email for some of the above reasons. The welcome email informed you when your ad will run.

If you have further questions contact us from the the contact information page.

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Answer 5.
Each ezine publisher decide where in his/hers ezine your ad will be placed. '2Bucks' ads are classified ads but is normally ranked higher that "normal" free ads as the publisher knows that he/she is getting a highly motivated subscriber. He/she knows that '2Bucks' advertisers are people who are paying for their ads and therefore may turn out to be the publishers own paying solo or sponsor advertiser.

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Answer 6.
We have no way to track clicks or any other statistic on our clients URL's. Please see what our clients says about '2Bucks' an Ad.

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Answer 7.
Yes, you URL will be clickable. You need to use the "exact" URL. Only text format. HTML will NOT work. Some ezines are published in HTML and those publishers will make your ad clickable in HTML. Avoid AOL links. If you MUST, count on one extra line for your ad. If your URL is very long it might be cut of in the ezines and point to wrong location. Avoid long URL's or use tinyurl.com to shorten your URL. Free of charge and made instantly. Links also on the ad submission page.

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Answer 8.
ONLY text format. See Answer 7 above.

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Answer 9.
5 lines (max 55 characters per line, including headline) + 2 lines of contact information/URL. If you have only one URL you can use 6 lines of text. However, don't clutter your ad with lot's of text. Compose a catchy headline and add a couple of lines to draw prospects to your salesletter/website. Your ad can't make the sale! Your ads job is to catch the readers attention!

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Answer 10.
Please understand that the ezine publishers are responsible for the content in their ezines, including the ads. Even if you have proof that somebody in your organization is making lot's of money, it's no guarantee that just anybody can do that. Don't waste your and our time submitting ads promising fantasy income. Best is not mention any money at all in your ad.
Don't submit ads like "... with no Selling, and Guaranteed Commission ...". There is no such things as "guaranteed profit". Be honest in your ad and you will probably get more responses. With FTC carefully watching the Internet now, the publishers could be held responsible for ads published. There is no way that responsible ezine publishers would run an ad with suspect content and '2Bucks' an Ad will not risk it's name submitting these kind of ads to the publishers. ALWAYS consult us if you are in doubt, BEFORE you place your order.
No point "take a chance". All ads are manually checked!
Please click here to see a complete list of ads the ezine publishers does not accept.

If you don't have an honest and 100% legal business to promote, Click here for Your own TRUE Turn-Key Store. Only $4.98/month!

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Answer 11.
NO! We guarantee that your ad will run in the ezines you ordered (see guarantee statement, links on all pages). BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE GUARANTEE THAT READERS WILL CLICK ON YOUR LINK OR BUY. All depends on your ad and what you offer. You are buying space in ezines from '2Bucks' an Ad. If you want guaranteed traffic or guaranteed sales you must search elsewhere.

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Answer 12.
We handle orders 7 days a week and only close office during the night hours. Note that we are in timezone GMT-3. Orders are taking care of during the first and last hours of office time. You can expect an order confirmation within 24 hours. All ads are checked manually for errors and if something is wrong with your ad or links you will get a message from us. If you don't get notice from us it is most probably because your mailserver (or you) are using spamfilters. If that is the case, please click on the contact link above or below and use the form to contact us, using another email. This is very important as the whole order process will stand still if we can't reach you. Please make sure that both your ezine subscribe email and your contact email are valid email addresses and not bounce back to us or the ezine subscribers.

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Answer 13.
It is one insert in each ezine in the groups you order. Note that this is genuine ezines, not automatic submissions to safe lists.

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Answer 14.
The '2Bucks' publishers does NOT accept ads with any kind of "adult" content. That include webpages with links to adult pages.

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