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Welcome to the Home of '2Bucks' an Ad™

Since February 2000. The most experimented "ezine co-op" on the net!

More than 26,000 advertising customers since start!

Bonus. Buy 3 groups, get Logon Ezine, 131,000 subscribers!

Bonus. Buy 4 groups, get Logon Ezine, 131,000 subscribers! + Dollarmines Business Newsletter, 353,000+ subscribers!

Ads in Multiple E-Zines... '2Bucks'™ each! (Or Less!)

Now MORE than 600,000, Optin Ezine Readers/Subscribers!

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The majority of Internet marketers are working within a fairly tight budget, and very likely, you are among them. If you're searching for the most cost-effective form of promotion you can find...

    Your Search Is Over - you've FOUND it!

  • Investment is MINIMAL
    (Depending on the group(s) you choose, less than $1.00 per ad)

  • Potential return is INCREDIBLE!
    (at '2Bucks' an AD™, with just one sale, you've made your money back and a whole lot more - even if not, you've lost very little!)

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My ezine has been listed in one of your groups for several years. Then one day I decided to advertise in one of the other groups and I was simply amazed at how well my ad did. The service I received from all of the ezine owners was fantastic. The service YOU provide to advertisers is one of a kind! Its affordable, yet effective targeted advertising for anyone doing business online. Nothing beats advertising in top-quality ezines for driving loads of targeted traffic to your site and your service has the "best of the best". Well done Bo!
Jeff Casmer http://www.24hourwealth.com

You're here because you're interested in ezine advertising. You've heard of a program that sells ads in multiple ezines for only '2Bucks'™ each. As a marketer, you know that making sales is a numbers game. You MUST reach those numbers!!!

With '2Bucks' An AD™, your ad will run in multiple quality, genuine ezines, and for less than you would pay for ONE advertisement in most cases. NOTE! If you order 3 you will get extra bonus LOGON Ezine with 131,000 subscribers and your price per ad, and subscribers reached, will be even lower.

PLUS if you order 4 groups you will ALSO get Dollarmines Business Newsletter with more than 353,000 subscribers!

The more often your ad is seen, the more credibility it receives.
Credibility leads to sales!

No more ONE SHOT deals!!
So, HOW are we able to offer you such an incredible deal?

Simple! There are innumerable ezines out there. EACH and EVERY one of them have one thing in common. They NEED more subscribers!

That's where we come in ...

'2Bucks' An AD™ recruits Publishers in search of subscribers. We offer them MANY benefits in exchange for a 7 lines ad, which we sell to advertisers seeking the most economical and cost effective form of promotion they can possibly find ...

YOU, in other words.

We work HARD to make a good job for you and we want satisfied customers. I am proud to say that the ezines in the '2Bucks'™ group is published by responsible and serious people. Not just any ezine qualify to join our group.

The '2Bucks'™ publishers KNOW that YOU, as paying customer, is a high valued lead and will treat you and your ad better than normal free ads. Your ad will ALWAYS run. If a publisher fail we have a QUALITY GUARANTEE! that assure you that you ad will be submitted to another ezine with, at least, double subscriber base compared with the failing ezine.

Note that you will get your ad much cheaper than '2Bucks'™. Each group contain at least 10 quality ezines which means that your price will be less than one dollar per ad depending on how many groups you order. Furthermore, the groups are BIG! Minimum 170,000+ subscribers/readers per group. You will reach 170,000+ genuine ezine readers for only $10.00! More if you order 3 groups and get the bonus ezine LOGON EZINE with 131,000 subscribers! PLUS if you order 4 groups you will ALSO get Dollarmines Business Newsletter with more than 353,000 subscribers!

Note! Avoid AOL, Yahoo, zwallet and Hotmail as ezine subscribe email. Due to the spamfilters and high amount of undeliverable emails from those mailservers, some publishers might reject subscribers from AOL, Yahoo, zwallet and Hotmail. '2Bucks' an Ad is NOT responsible if you use the above mailservers and your subscribe request are rejected.

The group directory have links to ALL ezines. You won't find that in all "co-op's" out there. I am personally checking and following up the ezines EVERY SINGLE DAY. Publishers who does not fulfill their obligations are immediately removed and your ad re-submitted to another ezine(s) with a minimum of double subscriber base. Every ad is manually checked and submitted. You can be sure that your ad will reach the publisher. I am proud of the quality of '2Bucks' an Ad ezine advertising program.

There are currently 32 Ezines/Newsletters participating in this program, divided in 4 groups.
The total subscriber base is 690,000+ (February, 2018).
NOTE! These are opt-in Ezines where subscribers made personal subscriptions to read interesting content. Not to be confused with "mailing lists/safe lists".

The subscriber base is, of course, growing daily and is higher when you read this. We sell ads in groups of E-Zines and you pay only $10 per group.


YOU choose the group or groups you want your advertising message to run in! There is a group directory that lists each publication and links to a separate page, giving a description of each ezine. You'll also find, in most cases, a sample issue on autoresponder.

The group directory is where you will select which group(s) you want to purchase.

When you have paid for your order through ClickBank, you will automatically be transferred to the ad submission page to submit your ad information. Note that you can also use PayPal or check on-line through ClickBank. After you placed your order you will get an order confirmation from '2Bucks'™ admin. PLEASE READ THAT EMAIL CAREFULLY!

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With our program, both parties benefit.

YOU receive ads for '2Bucks'™ each (or less),
THE EZINE PUBLISHERS receive subscribers and potential future advertisers. Win-Win!!

We can not GUARANTEE you sales or even responses, BUT WE CAN promise you that your ad will run in all those ezines. You are purchasing SPACE for your ad in the ezines, not guaranteed hits or sales. (Please, click on the GUARANTEE link.) How many of all those ezine readers will read your ad depends finally on your own ad and the product/service you promote. But with more than 8 years in the ezine advertising business and with more than 26,000 ads submitted to responsible ezine publishers, '2Bucks' an Ad™ is the best shot for you.

Click HERE to read our Guarantee Statement!

'2Bucks' an Ad™ makes it easy for you. Just order and submit your ad information. You will get both order confirmation from us and confirmation emails from the publishers. And your ad will run in many, many ezines for a long time. If you believe in your product/service and ad, you just have to try!

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Here is a free gift for you. Download, read it and learn how to write good ads!
A poorly written ad won't be clicked on even if millions of people read it!
Claude Hopkins E-Book, Scientific Advertising

NOTE: If you publish an ezine or newsletter, you are welcome
to participate in our program. Please click here for details.



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