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Please read the information below carefully. If you have any questions, contact us. Just click on the "contact email" above.

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Before you purchase, please note that this is REAL, GENUINE ezines, (not to be confused with safelists etc.) published by serious ezine owners. They will NOT accept ads for the following:

  • Get-Rich-Quick. (Ads and programs promising fantasy income).
  • Bulk Mail. (SPAM)
  • "Gifting" programs, "report" selling programs etc.
  • All kind of "donations".
  • Pornography/adult/nudity.
  • Psychics.
  • Illegal drugs. (Including tobacco and alcoholic beverages). Note! Legal health drugs accepted!
  • Illegal downloads of copyright products, software, film, music etc.
  • NetDetective and similar spy programs.
  • Gambling sites.
  • Ads for political and/or religious websites.

If you have any doubts as to whether your ad falls in any of the categories above, please contact us BEFORE ordering.

Note: Size limit of ads:
5 lines ( 55 characters per line including blank spaces) + 2 lines of contact information. If your have only one URL you can make one extra text line. Total maximum 7 lines. But best result is a short ad with link to a good sales page that should make the sale. Your ad can never make the sale!

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We accept payments via ClickBank who is our exclusive payment processor. ClickBank offers a number of secure payment alternatives, including PayPal. Using ClickBank is a guarantee that our affiliates always get paid.

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Note! Avoid AOL, Yahoo, zwallet, MSN and Hotmail as ezine subscribe email. Due to the spamfilters and high amount of undeliverable emails from those mailservers, some publishers might reject subscribers from AOL, Yahoo, zwallet, MSN and Hotmail. '2Bucks' an Ad is NOT responsible if you use the above mailservers and your subscribe request are rejected.

Note! Important!
By ordering '2Bucks' ads you must accept to subscribe to the ezines in the group(s) you order.
By signing up for ezines in the '2Bucks' program you give express consent to '2Bucks' publishers, and to any third party advertisers who may run advertising in the '2Bucks' Ezines, to receive in-house and third-party advertising from the '2Bucks' ezine publishers in the group(s) you order.
Note also that you will NOT be spammed by the '2Bucks' publishers. They have all agreed not run more than one solo ad per day. Most ezine publishers listed in the '2Bucks' directory only run solo ads once a week or not at all.
You will not be held prisoner and can unsubscribe any time. All ezines has clear unsubscribe links. However, if you unsubscribe before your ad is published, or if your email bounce back due to full mailbox etc., the ezine publishers reserve the right NOT running your ad.

If you can't accept the above rules you must order sponsor advertising directly from the publishers. The price per ad will of course be much higher depending on what kind of space you want. Getting the quality ezines (filled up with valuable tips) is a small price to pay to get quality ezine advertising to a very low price.

Secure ClickBank order.

ClickBank is our exclusive payment processor. They offer a number of secure payment alternatives, including PayPal. All with guaranteed affiliate payments. Note that ClickBank no longer accept e-check as payment method. Sorry, to much fraud.

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Bonus. Buy 4 groups, get Logon Ezine, 131,000 subscribers! + Dollarmines Business Newsletter, 353,000+ subscribers!

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