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Partenon+ - Candid Club.

Run your solo ad in Partenon Newsletter!

Partenon Newsletter is not the biggest ezine on the Internet :-) but the subscribers are extremely targeted to small/home business owners. 90% are people who purchased '2Bucks' ads. Proven buyers! People who are prepared to open their wallet and pay for what they need. No "free ad hunters". People who has shown a proven interest of building an Internet business and ready to make investments to reach their goal.

Important to know is also that we accept double optin confirmed subscribers ONLY! That goes for '2Bucks' an Ad clients also. That is a guarantee that the subscribers at least read the emails they get from me and increase the chances that they will also open and read the solo ads I send. We have no interest in people who just subscribe and not read my ezine. Also, we DO NOT give free ads for subscribers! That is in many cases a reason for people just to subscribe but without interest in the ezine. We work very hard to give our subscribers an ezine with lot's of valuable content and we get lot's of positive feedback from our readers.

However, as always, it's impossible to promise any sales or even clicks. You are buying advertising space, NOT guaranteed sales or hits. If you are looking for guaranteed results, please look elsewhere. In the end it's a question of your ad and your business and the needs of people in the moment they are looking at your ad. It's all a numbers game. After your solo ad is submitted no refund can be made.

Only $20.00 for one blast to all subscribers. Your solo ad is also published in Partenon Newsletter ezine archive at: http://www.partenon.com/ezinearchive/2009. Your ad will stay there at least one year.

Click the below PayPal link to order. After payment you will automatically be directed to the ad submission webpage to submit your ad. Just follow the instructions. If you by any reason should have any problems, don't worry. If we get your payment but not your ad we will contact you. Just make sure you use a valid email address and TURN OFF YOUR SPAMFILTERS! Use the above contact link if you want more information. You can order solo ads without being a subscriber yourself but if you are not a subscriber you will not see your own solo ad! If you are not already a subscriber and want to subscribe, CLICK HERE! A click will open a new window. Just close it and you will be back here.

Note that we do not take solo ad orders for SFI. Partenon Newsletter is the main vehicle for our own SFI promotion and it would be an interest conflict. Thanks for understanding. However, you are welcome to order SFI ads for '2Bucks' classified ads in multiple ezines.

Current confirmed opt-in subscriber count as of May 26, 2009.


Big is definitely not always best! Especially in the case of results of ezine advertising! We prefer to have a small list of interested subscribers than a big list of people who never read it. Solo ads in Partenon Newsletter is as safe as it possible can be. We have not received one single spam complaint since start in May 2006. All solo ads are sent with clear information that it is a Partenon Newsletter mailing.

Partenon Newsletter subscribers are double-optin subscribers. Nobody get Partenon Newsletter without re-confirm their subscription! 90% of them purchased '2Bucks' an Ad ezine ads. That is, they are PROVEN buyers, not some free ad hunters! Partenon Newsletter do not offer free ads of any kind! They have all re-confirmed their subscriptions and we have IP and dates of subscriptions as proof. They have also all agreed to accept solo ads from Partenon Newsletter. Note that this count is Partenon Newsletter ONLY!

Note also that we do not send more than 10-12 solo ads per month to not annyoing our subscribers with too many mailings. We prefer to set a price of $20 and send 10 per month rather that sell for $10 and send solo ads every day. We are convinced that this will get the best result for our solo ad clients.

Order your solo ad now. Only US$20.00

Note that to order this service you must have a CONFIRMED PayPal address!

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