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How I organize my incoming emails.

I subscribe to around 150+ ezines + several safe lists and I read ezines on a daily basis. I don't have any problems at all with getting my main important inbox filled up with ads. Of course, if I just let them get to my inbox mixed up with orders and other important emails, I would have problems.

I organize my incoming emails as follow:
I use Outlook Express and use a special email,, created just for ezine subscriptions. Then I have created a folder under the "inbox folder" and use the filter function to sort all ezines to that folder. Now I can read ezines whenever I want without having them mix up with other emails. I have created emails and folders for different kind of subjects.

If you don't have your own domain, and the possibility to create multiple emails, you can sign-up for different free email servers. Just make sure you check those accounts often so they don't fill up with emails. Bouncing emails will normally mean unsubscribe.

You can use the same system for Partenon Safelist or any other safelist you subscribe to. Use this system to organize your incoming emails, as I suggest, and you won't have any problems with receiving even lot's of emails.

Thank you for your time and Welcome with your order.
Bo Ekvall
Owner and Operator.